The Restore Project

In early 2015, Andy Bondurant designed and screen printed his first t-shirt in his garage. As has become his trademark, this first shirt was more than a cool design. It carried the message of hope and purpose.  His hobby quickly turned into a small business.  Bigger than his love of entrepreneurship and small business, Andy knew there was a bigger purpose. 

That Christmas break, Andy and his family traveled to the Colonia to build a home for a homeless family. Through the intense poverty, Andy saw the hope offered through Escuela Viva. 

A purpose was born.

In 2016, several hundred shirts were sold, and over $1000 dollars was raised for Escuela Viva. Three children attended school because of your support!

In 2017, The Restore Project was created to continue to sell shirts and raise money for Escuela Viva. There will be a future in Mexico, and education is the key. We're changing the world one t-shirt at a time.

Choose a message. Buy a shirt. Change a life.