Dream Risk Hustle Repeat | Women's

Dream Risk Hustle Repeat | Women's


By itself, a dream is nothing more than a wish. To see a dream come to life, it means taking a risk - putting some skin in the game; sticking your neck out. Risk is the first step to seeing a dream come to life.

Taking a risk on your dream alone is a crazy idea. Once you've put yourself out there, then it's time to do the work. Hustle is the digging ditches of building your dream - the behind the scenes, thankless, backbreaking work. Hustle separates winners from losers.

Stop at hustle and you've got a one hit wonder. It's time to hit repeat. You gotta do it again...and again...and again. 

Dream, Risk, Hustle, Repeat. This is what makes a champion.

Inspired by my friend, Jeff Woods at Apex.

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Designed to perfectly drape over a woman's body, this easy-to-wear V-neck tee features a luxuriously soft poly viscose fabrication, slouchy fit and short sleeves. (65% poly; 35% viscose)